Inspiration very close to home

After the longest time spent wondering what it would be like to be doing my own thing and if I could trust my own ideas and begin to generate some sort of design life for myself, it seemed like the stars aligned. I woke up to it all and told myself that the time had arrived. It was to be the end of the drudgery and sameness. It was body parts that got hurt and precluded continuing in other fields. it was the most drawn out epiphany in the history of drawn out epiphanies but when it arrived it felt right. Better late than never. It was a crossroads.
That's what it was. Now, what it is is a desire to create objects on to which people can project meaning or that invite close examination and invoke fascination. The intricacy that you normally associate with obsessive and painstaking handcrafting can now be achieved with a precision that is hard to believe with laser cutting and on amazing surfaces and substrates too.
As I have begun to appreciate the possibilities I am also looking for ways to marry the almost cold efficiency of this technology with the endless aesthetic of colour, the visceral pleasures of wood and paper and a design sensibility that remains grounded in the humanist.
I love each and every one of these pieces because I'm a Melbourne boy. I love the place. If anyone out there feels the way I do about Melbourne and happens to find themselves regularly immersed in one of these suburbs then I think that they too would get that hard-to-define pleasure that I get when I hold one of these up to the sky.

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