Maps are such great distilleries of memories. Give your friends and loved ones a very special and unique gift that they will treasure forever.

Sparkling like a jewel. Glitter acrylic brings the water in a map to life. Topographic contour lines add even more of the detail you love.

Personalise your map with any number of your favourite locations.

Looking great and featuring in a study bolthole

The precision, along with the amount of detail and the rich variety of colours and finishes can make for a stunning result.

A perfect gift for mum's and dads who've a strong connection to place. This happy giftee was once the mayor of this town in Finland

The suburb of Williamstown. Detail of a coastline of beaches, marinas, jetties and navy yards.

The suburb of Williamstown. A coastline of beaches, marinas, jetties and navy yards.

Greece done a flag / map combination in frosted and glitter acrylics.

Trinidad & Tobago done as a map / flag combination in stunning glitter acrylics.

Portsea Victoria. Different greens for residential and parkland comes up a treat.

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