Now with contour elevation lines!! Coburg 3058, Victoria. Laser cut, street map, wall decoration.


A stunning update to 3rd Stone Designs range is the addition of topographic contour lines to the background, beautifully rendered in a chromatic series of greens from deep to grassy. Subtle but striking nonetheless. I thought that I would start with Coburg, my home, so privileged you are Coburgers to be the first to be able to add one of these gems to your wall or buy one for someone you know who lives there.

Contour lines piece pictured - $285.00

For the longest time, one of the largest melting pots in a city full of melting pots, Coburg is like twenty far flung countries in one. Try Sydney Rd and partake from a dizzying range of cuisines or sit in Coburg mall with a book and a coffee and just watch what seems like the entire human race come and go. For those who love living or working in Coburg an engaging and textural wall feature to add interest and an ever-changing shadow array to your home or office. It has 4 x 1.5mm corner pin holes to enable pinning or hanging. It even smells great giving a pleasing scorched aroma. Buy in varnished 6mm MDF on its own or add a colour dimension with an acrylic backing in one of a huge range of options. (Frosted Lime Green pictured no longer available).
Send one to a Coburg expat who would love this reminder of their home suburb or as a gift with a truly individual cachet.

Dimensions with acrylic backing: 390W x 297H x 12D. Weight: 600g

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