Melbourne 3000. Superb, laser cut wall decoration in MDF, acrylic & matte black backing.


Well I could hardly leave Sydney centre up there on the catalogue unopposed for too long could I? Complementing the rabbits' warren of maze-like streets of the 2000 CBD comes the stately grandeur and order of Melbourne's grid. Bisected and incurred by a seemingly endless number of alleys & laneways that house surreptitious bars and artspaces the CBD is now home to more than 100,000 residents where less than 10,000 dwelled only a generation ago. It is now a truly 24 hour city that abounds with the crackling energy of it's arts, entertainment and gastronomic precincts. As a gift for yourself, a friend or loved one who lives, works in or just plain loves this place with every fibre of their being this is an absolute attention grabber and keeper. Your friends won't be able to help but engage with the level of detail when they get up close.
A restrained combination of colours and textures, this piece will keep drawing you back in for another look for a very long time and you will be delighted by people's reactions to it.

Dimensions: 600W x 450L x 12H mm.

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