Richmond 3121. Superb, laser cut wall decoration in YELLOW & BLACK!!


All Tigers fans are probably feeling quite spoiled right now having entered what can be rightfully claimed as a period of outright dominance. There hasn't been a time like this ever for a good many supporters in their lives so, savour this rare feat however you can. While you may have been cooped up for 100+ days my bet is your focus on The Tigers amazing season has become laser like in its intensity. I'm also guessing that you've gotten to appreciate your suburb and community a lot more than you ever imagined. As a fitting testament to these enriching experiences, consider having your suburb rendered into an artwork that combines the two. Stunning yellow mirror acrylic sitting behind a laser cut map of wherever you live, framed in either glossy or matte black. Your suburb may be of a similar or slightly different ratio to this one but one thing is for sure. It will knock your yellow and black socks off when you see it on your wall.
A Christmas gift for 2020 like no other.

This one of Richmond 3121 itself is a yellow gold mirror, 6mm MDF and black acrylic surround with a mind boggling amount of detail.
As a gift for yourself, a friend or Richmond fanatic who lives, works in, follows or just plain loves this place, this is an absolute gem.
In a Tigers themed colour combination, this piece will keep drawing you back in for a longer look and you will be delighted by people's reactions to it.

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Black with Yellow mirror (pictured) $399.00.

Dimensions: 600W x 400L x 12H mm

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