Nth Carlton/Princess Hill 3054, Victoria. Laser cut, street map, wall decoration in MDF & coloured acrylics.


3054. Nth Carlton/Princess Hill. Leafy, relaxed and like anywhere with a large historical cemetery in its midst, a certain sacred stillness and calm pervades. The ovals of Princess park however are scene of life affirming activity at any given moment. Recalling the one year that the Big Day Out took over. Oh man! What a day that was. Iggy and The Stooges, White Stripes, M.I.A to name a few. C'mon! The place was truly abuzz. This map displays a lovely shape that I bet you never realised it had. It makes a great addition to your wall so...

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435H x 544W mm.
Weight: 1 kg
Made from laser cut 6mm MDF and 6 & 3mm MDF backing sheets

Matte black and green painted background pictured $279.00

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