Greek flag and landscape. Superb, laser cut wall decoration in MDF and coloured acrylic.


A new addition to the 3rd Stone Designs catalogue are my flag / country combinations. As only the second in this series, when the request came in, I knew this was going to be a challenge. After all, there are only 2000 islands (give or take) plus a considerable chunk of mainland Europe that make up Greece! ...and rise it did, like the impossibly steep cliffs of many of those jewels of The Aegean.

Australia is home to more Greek born than any other country in the world after the homeland and Melbourne is the Greek capital of the Southern Hemisphere. The Greek influence is interwoven so deeply in to the fabric of this city it is impossible to imagine Melbourne without you. Living proof that you can have two homes & two identities happily dwelling in the same body, mind and spirit so bursting with pride in both.
My English born wife cried with happiness when she saw the joy overflowing in the streets of Melbourne when Greece won Euro 2004, not too long after we settled here. It was a revelation moment for her as she realised what a great example of a unified and celebrated Australia you are.

Dimensions: 585W x 426L x 21H mm.

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Absolutely love it. Amazing work and I couldn’t be happier, thank you and I’ll definitely be back for another exceptional piece of art !!!!

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