Camberwell 3124, Victoria. BRAND NEW DESIGN! Laser cut, street map, wall decoration.


Camberwell. Don't go anywhere! You're perfect! This is a brand new design.

To the good folk of Camberwell! Celebrate your good fortune! It's a marvellous place to live and this is a marvellous map to hang on your wall to remind yourself of how marvellous it IS to live there.
Can you find prettier streets anywhere else in Melbourne? I don't think so. Dappled sunlight along the tree-lined roads creates a picture perfect scene wherever you care to turn.

This map, like all that have come before it, is flawlessly laser-cut and handcrafted with a wealth of detail. The streets are enveloped in a frosted white surround that nests within a frame that glows from its clear edges. The actual topographic lines of the suburb are all lovingly hand painted acrylic, adding a bewitching impression of 3 dimensional depth on a 2 dimensional surface

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595W x 400H x 15H mm.

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