North Warrandyte 3113, Victoria. Laser cut, street map, wall decoration.


The postcode where I grew up. 3113. Warrandyte. It's a very special place. Endless Summers by The Yarra. Hitchhiking (remember hitchhiking?) to my fave swimming holes along The Boulevard and Pound Bend.
The Yarra in 'Dyte' looks amazing these days. People have put a lot of thought and care into creating one of Melbourne's most relaxing walks in nature. The village atmosphere remains and Jason Castagna used to play footy there before going on to become a triple premiership player (Thanks for the memories Jason!).
North Warrandyte (I can make the whole suburb for you too) is purely residential. It's a bush paradise with some commanding views and winding, dirt roads. Its topography is full of gullies and steep hilltops. The smell of eucalyptus is strong. This map, which is lovingly hand painted, could be for you or someone you love who lives or used to live there. It would make a perfect Christmas gift that will hold pride of place.

The contours version (BlckFrame.Topo lines) - pictured - is 349.00. Size is 595 x 385mm approx.

The drop down menu descriptions are as follows.

BlckFrame.1colour bg: Glossy black frame with a single colour of your choice for the background.

BlckFrame.Topo lines: Glossy black frame with painted topographic lines (like the gallery pics).

BmbooFrm.1colour bg: Bamboo frame with a single colour of your choice for the background.

BmbooFrm Topo lines: Bamboo frame with topographic lines. Either painted in the greens or done as darkening stains on bamboo.

The drop down contains these options as either Nth Warrandyte on its own OR the whole of 3113.

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