Im old enough to remember this ad campaign from 1979.

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I loved it back then in primary school as it says so much about this fantastic experiment that we are all part of in this wonderful country. For the most part it has been an outstanding success and an example to the world of what can be achieved with an open heart and mind.

These maps / flags combinations pictured and any that you might care to have me make are my way of contributing to your wish to celebrate being two people in the one mind, body and soul.

Please contact me if you want your flag / map created. I love a challenge. I mean, check out this first one for starters! What do you do about over 2000 islands? Well most of them would have been the size of a grain of rice so you have to draw the line somewhere. I was delighted with the end result.

Greek flag and map combination


Trinidad and Tobago map / flag combination

                                                               TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

South Sudan map / flag combination

                                                                        SOUTH  SUDAN

Maltese map / flag combination



                                                              THE CITY OF LAHTI IN FINLAND

                                                           Not a flag / map but you get the idea.

Bohus Malmon. An island of Sweden.

                                              BOHUS MALMON. An island off the Swedish coast.

                           Not a flag / map combination but another example of what can be done.