It started local & now it's gone postal.

As I say in my listing for my map of Coburg, but in the context of all of Australia, "this melting pot of melting pots."

We are, compared to most places in the world, a beacon of success in welcoming and including people from every nation that you could mention. These waves of immigration have often been initially viewed by some with suspicion and misunderstanding, but we have shown that, given some time and a positive engagement, it settles and the new faces become part of the fabric of our generally tolerant and patient populace. The enlightened traditions from the home country are often held on to with pride, celebrated and although not necessarily fully understood by the locals at first, are respected and viewed as the important glue that keeps those communities bouyant as they continue to make their way forward in their new home.

These memories of home can bring pangs of sentimentality and a heartfelt determination that home can never be forgotten, and why should it?

Those traditions that are held onto are a testament and a treasure trove of emotions and memories.

For more than a couple of customers of mine, a map of their hometowns overseas, done in colours that they like, beautifully presented for their wall, has been a unique way for them to remind themselves of where they come from and, by extension, an expression of who they are today.

Below is an image of a map I made for a lady from the neghbourhood of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, as a gift from her Australian beau. Made in Canadian flag red and white with a blue mirror to represent the Detroit River, it elicited a joyous response from her (and may well have cemented their relationship in the process. Hot tip!). "The most thoughful gift I have ever received" was her comment and it was kind of hard to argue with her. This is, happily, a response I get a lot, so it continues to drive me - this creation of an object that seems to be so much more than that to the right person. What a line of business to be in! 

Windsor, Ontario - The most thoughtful gift I have ever received